The poster of the 1st A.M.M.A.A. Art Workshop.


Kavita Nayar at work , building layers of paint. 


Shruti Gupta Chandra creating during the workshop.

Ritu Kamath at work along with a volunteer.

Artists welcome each other at the workshop.

Merin Moli busy focusing on her drawings. 

A detail of work -in- process by Kavita Nayar.

Ruchika Wason Singh beginning the Open-Hour Discussion , which followed the workshop.

The panel of the Open-Hour Discussion. 

Prof. Nishat Zaidi (JMI) and Prof. Yashadutta Alone (JNU) join the discussion. 

Curator Anoop Kamath responds to a point during the discussion. 

(L to R)  Ritika Sharma & Ritika Mittal (volunteers for the workshop) , Kavita Nayar (artist),  Ritu Kamath (artist) ,Ruchika Wason Singh (curator- organiser of the workshop), Merlin Moli (artist) , Shruti Gupta Chandra (artist) and Kanchan Kapruwan (volunteer).  


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