the a.m.m.a.a. artist residency 2017 


A.M.M.A.A. Artist Residency July 2017.jpg

Feature 1

The A.M.M.A.A. Artist Residency "The Home is a Space Within"  is the first platform of artist mobility initiated by A.M.M.A.A. in 2017. It has been started with a focus on providing an opportunity to women artists; who deal with a different set of challenges of negotiations of time and space, between their maternal and artistic responsibilities. 

The short duration of the residency (ranging between one to two weeks) constructs the main flexible module of the residency. Currently, it is organised as participation-by-invitation . Another focus of the residency is , to create a line of thought within artistic practice, to express, to map and to document the maternal experiences by artist mothers through visual and textual expressions. Works created by the artists during the residency initiated the The A.M.M.A.A. Art Collection in 2017.  

The residency incorporated studio-work, artistic interactions as well as visits to places of artistic, cultural and historic importance. 

Feature 2

Miharu Hatori , a senior calligraphy artist from Tamamura-machi, Gunma, Japan,  at work in the studio during the artist residency. An interesting aspect of this mobility was, the utilization of traditional Japanese calligraphy art material to be incorporated on modern art materials provided to her during the residency. 


Feature 3

Prof. Leyla Varlik Senturk, an artist and a faculty member at Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey; created works in acrylic on paper and canvas. The small format works, a pre-requisite of the residency program, brought out a different potential in her otherwise large, brightly coloured canvases. 

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