A.M.M.A.A. is proud to have the support of International Advisors and Supporters from Asia. They provide regional networking, as well as advice on regional /local contemporary artists from their country and those belonging to the Asian diaspora .


Nguyen, Anh Tuan  (Vietnam) 

Art Director, Heritage Space & International Curator 

Nguyen Anh-Tuan graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in major of Theory & History of Arts. Tuan has worked as art researcher at the Hanoi Institute of Art from 2002 - 2015, and as manager of Muong AIR, the artist-in-residency program of Muong Studio from 2012 - 2016. He has been involved in many programs, projects and exhibitions in the contemporary art scene in Vietnam. These include curating “New Form - a project of research and experimenting new concepts in sculpture in Vietnam” (2013 - 2014); acting as co-ordinator of “Initiative Contemporary Arts Museum Project” (I-CAMP, curated by Tran Luong, 2013); curating “Yu Yu Vietnam Blue” – an project exchange and exhibition between Vietnam and United States (2015); curating and organizing “Month of Arts Practice - MAP” - a project focus on artist exchange (2016, 2017).

Tuan's projects and activities focus on discovering the diversity of expression in art creation, and its possibilities to be explored in different locations and circumstance covered by specific cultural and political situations in Vietnam and Asian region. Currently,he is Art Director of Heritage Space, an independent art space in Hanoi, and has taken on the responsibility as program manager appointed by the Indochina Arts Partnership in Vietnam.


Art Byte Critique.jpg

Art Byte Critique (Japan)

Artist Collective

In 2012, Art Byte Critique was created in response to a desire for a community of artists interested in sharing ideas about their works as well as providing feedback to other artists about their work.  Since then, the collective has slowly and steadily become a touchstone or home base for the participating artists.  The term “Art Byte” is a play on the Japanese (German-derived) word for part-time work - アルバイト(arubaito) as most of the participating artists have other occupations in addition to artist.  Concerns about the sustainability of an artistic practice in the current globalized contemporary art environment, Art Byte Critique has sought to think less about the big picture of the contemporary art worlds and focus on the development of a smaller but more actionable community of artists with a wide range of practices and perspectives. Given each participating artist's studio responsibilities, exhibitions, and life in general, Art Byte Critique strives to be a constant presence in the ebb and flow of the artists’ lives.  This stability is achieved through regular monthly studio work discussion meetings where artists are free to bring in works in progress for feedback., as well as sharing the daily ups and downs of creating a viable studio practice.